Half Moon Bay

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VFR Mission Scenario  EAA 1905

It’s Friday and you’re headed from your home airport at Hayward Executive (KHWD) to Half Moon Bay (KHAF) where you’ve rented a house for the weekend. The weather is perfect and you’re flying VFR. You’d planned to leave before dark but now your spouse has just called to say they won’t be able to meet you there until after 10:00 pm. No problem, you are night current and the sky is sheer clear.

Your challenge as pilot in command is to navigate the airspace between you and your destination. There’s Class B & C airspace all around you, even a wildlife refuge with a minimum crossing altitude with which to contend. You’ve also got the Montara Mountains to cross as you approach KHAF.

This is a scenario. Take your time and plan your VFR flight to Half Moon Bay before departure. Rely on your instructor as if they were your co-pilot. This is your flight, but it sure is nice to have someone with whom to confab. Consider the time of day for every aspect of the flight.

This mission scenario requires the endorsement of a qualified flight instructor to get your FAA WINGS Flight Credit.  You can find a flight training center near you with a simulation device and qualified instructor by using our locator app.  Just apply the EAA Proficiency365 mission filter under Bundles and start searching.

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  • Mission origination point(s)
  • Weather information
  • Jeppesen charts and approach plates
  • WINGS Credit submittal details

PilotEdge compatible

(1) FAA WINGS Basic Flight Credit for completion with a qualified CFI

Half Moon Bay
Half Moon Bay
Half Moon Bay
Half Moon Bay