Long Hot Summer

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Advanced VFR Mission Scenario  EAA 1904

It’s another hot August day and you’re planning a cross country to Smith Island on the North Carolina coast for some beach time. The weather is technically VFR but there are scattered thunderstorms reported in the area that you’ll need to look out for. Fortunately your airplane has on-board weather so you will be able to see any convective activity on your Nexrad capable G1000. The terrain is flat along your route so if you need to dip down below the scud you should be alright. Just watch out for obstacles along NC 53.

This is a scenario. Your instructor will be there for you as a safety pilot and mentor, but not the hands-on batting coach you know from the exercises. You are the pilot in command and you’re making the decisions here.

This mission scenario requires a simulation device with premium control software from Redbird Flight Simulations in order to function properly.  You'll also need the endorsement of a qualified flight instructor to get your FAA WINGS Flight Credit.  You can find a flight training center near you with a capable device and qualified instructor by using our locator app.  Just apply the EAA Proficiency365 - Advanced mission filter under Bundles and start searching.

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  • Mission origination point(s)
  • Weather information
  • Jeppesen charts and approach plates
  • WINGS Credit submittal details

(1) FAA WINGS Basic Flight Credit for completion with a qualified CFI

Long Hot Summer
Long Hot Summer
Long Hot Summer
Long Hot Summer