Pilot in Command

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IFR Mission Scenario  EAA1910

You’re headed from Redding (KRDD) to Arcata (KACV), California for a business meeting. KRDD is marginal VFR, but the TAFs are calling for LIFR all along the Northern California coast so you’ll need to be on your game for the arrival. Your Cessna 172 is full of fuel and you’re the only one on board, just you and your briefcase.

ATC has routed you northwest of your original route for traffic so you’re approaching KACV from the west and are presently nine miles from the airport. The ATIS confirms that the weather has arrived and it’s near minimums at Arcata.

Brief and choose your approach into KACV before you contact ATC. Remember, this mission is a scenario. The instructor will be there for you, but more as a mentor. You’ve got all the information you need for this trip and everything is your call. It’s time to request your approach with Seattle Center.

This mission scenario requires the endorsement of a qualified flight instructor to get your FAA WINGS Flight Credit.  You can find a flight training center near you with a capable device and qualified instructor by using our locator app.  Just apply the EAA Proficiency365 mission filter under Bundles and start searching.

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  • Mission origination point(s)
  • Weather information
  • Clearance
  • Jeppesen charts and approach plates
  • WINGS Credit submittal details

PilotEdge compatible

Qualified CFII Required for (1) FAA WINGS Basic Flight Credit

Pilot in Command
Pilot in Command
Pilot in Command
Pilot in Command