Sunday in the Pattern

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VFR Mission Exercise  EAA 1901

It's a nice cool, crisp early June morning at Palm Springs, CA and you're returning to KPSP after a short VFR flight. Flying a good pattern can be challenging any day of the week; however, Sundays are always busy at Palm Springs International and you’ll need to pay close attention to the tower as they sequence you in the traffic pattern.

Keep your head up, your eyes wide open and listen for your calls. Watch that airspeed and your altitude. You may be asked by the controller to perform some quick maneuvers for traffic but remember you are the pilot in command and your primary responsibility is to maintain control of the airplane.

You might want to review that Jeppesen Airport Info page.

This mission exercise can be flown on any one of the Redbird Flight Simulation devices in our flight training network.  You can find a flight training center near you by using our locator app.  Just search for the EAA Proficiency365 mission locations under Bundles.

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  • Mission origination point(s)
  • Weather information
  • Jeppesen charts and approach plates
  • Frequency settings

PilotEdge required

Sunday in the Pattern
Sunday in the Pattern
Sunday in the Pattern
Sunday in the Pattern