The more we fly the better we fly because every flight is a training exercise.  We believe this 1:1 relationship between training and flying can be extended through a steady diet of knowledge, simulation programs and chronic immersion.  Because really, the more we train the better we fly and the better we fly the safer we fly.

Community Aviation features a national network of flight training centers and certified instructors where pilots can fly syllabus-based simulation missions developed in concert with industry experts and partners.  The company has been instrumental in providing the mission exercises and scenarios for the Pilot Proficiency Center at EAA AirVenture for the past several years.  This year the missions will be available on over 135 Redbird simulation devices nationwide as part of the EAA Proficiency365™ initiative.  Pilots in training can find a nearby center with the Community Aviation locator application and download Pilot Kits to prepare for their training flights.

Community Aviation also provides aviators with access to quality content.  Our inaugural knowledge program is the East Coast IFR Experience featuring Doug Stewart.  Doug is one of the most experienced instrument instructors in the country and offers a five-day trip from New England to Florida and back where pilots are exposed to flying in the system for six hours a day.  We filmed the entire trip and viewers can learn demonstrably from Doug's best practices.

Member pilots, aviation enthusiasts, students, instructors, training center leaders and industry experts can share profiles, meet online and help build their local airport page.  Follow centers, missions and instructors through the Feed.  Joining Community Aviation is easy.

We believe the more we train the better we fly and the better we fly the safer we fly.  Learn-Do-Fly™ here.


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