Deep Practice

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IFR Mission Exercise  EAA 1908

Repetition is a solid pathway to building muscle memory and embedding procedures. This exercise gives the pilot an opportunity to fly multiple approaches into one runway with the same weather. Think of this as hitting tennis balls against a backboard; forehand, backhand, volleys, serves. Try them all.

The weather is set such that several types of approaches and terminations to Rwy 30 at KLGB; e.g., ILS, VOR, RNAV, are possible. As soon as one approach becomes comfortable, change to the unfamiliar. Terminate as a full stop or a missed approach, then back to another. Try a circle to land; there’s not that much of a tailwind and it’s a long runway. Make this exercise a tool for routine proficiency training.  Up the ante and use PilotEdge.  This is Deep Practice.

This mission exercise can be flown on any one of the Redbird Flight Simulation devices in our flight training network.  You can find a flight training center near you by using our locator app.  Just search for the EAA Proficiency365 mission locations under Bundles.

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  • Mission origination point(s)
  • Weather information
  • Jeppesen charts and approach plates
  • Frequency settings

PilotEdge compatible

Deep Practice
Deep Practice
Deep Practice
Deep Practice