Emergency Maneuver Training

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Award-winning flight instructor Rich Stowell has condensed eight years and 2,000+ hours of experience teaching recoveries from spins and other unusual attitudes into a 240-page manual sprinkled with 128 illustrations.

Touted as the "definitive work on an important subject," the book provides a common sense treatment of many subjects inadequately addressed during the course of normal flight training. Several topics critical to safety are covered in detail: basic aerodynamics, turn dynamics, stall/spin dynamics, roll dynamics, glide performance, and off-airport landing scenarios.

Stowell unravels such perennial aviation mysteries as the intricate relationship between pitch and power, the significance of the V-g Diagram, the real cause of spins, the behavior of wingtip vortices, and the human factors influencing aeronautical decision-making. In the process, the reader learns simplified emergency strategies to cope with a host of in-flight maladies, including: spins and spirals, inverted attitudes, wake turbulence, control failures, and engine failures.

The timely information in this book is applicable to pilots at all levels of experience.

Emergency Maneuver Training